What is hand and face Reflexology?

Hand Reflexology
This is a very soothing and relaxing treatment and can be beneficial if you are unable to, or do not wish for your feet to be touched. The hands have most of the reflexes as the feet and works in the same way as foot Reflexology. It may be an alternative or a therapeutic addition to a foot treatment. It may be very beneficial if you have some stiffness or joint pain in the hands, which can be a great relief for many clients.

Face Reflexology  A very relaxing treatment, starting with a warm face flannel to cleanse and relax the senses. This treatment may be beneficial for headache sufferers or those with sinus issues, or maybe just to pamper yourself. It works on the same principals as on the feet and hands by stimulating the reflex points on the face. It can be a very therapeutic addition after having a hand or foot treatment which can leave you feeling completely relaxed.


Pamper yourself 'Feet and Face' - For a truly relaxing pampering session, the combination of 'Feet and Face' Reflexology is a wonderfully soothing experience, which can leave you feeling deeply relaxed. Make a saving by combining these treatments or give your friend or family a treat for that special occasion, gift vouchers available on request.

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