Hot Stones Reflexology


 "The Hot Stones definitely enhanced the Reflexlogy experience and left me with a 'chilled out' feeling that lasted more so than any massage I've had."   - CP

The use of Hot Stones and oil in a Reflexology Treatment enhances the relaxation and benefits of the therapy on a deeper level. The heat of the stones enables the practitioner to go deeper into the reflexes and the warmth of the stones relaxes the muscles allowing for the body to reach a more tranquil state. It is an incredibly relaxing experience and great for warming the feet and lower legs especially in the cooler months.

The smooth stones used in the treatment are composed of basalt, a volcanic rock, which is great for retaining heat. There are various sizes of stones used throughout the treatment depending on which areas of the feet or hands are being worked on.

When coming for a treatment, please wear clothes that allow access to your lower leg so that you can receive the full effect of the treatment. There are some contra-indications to using Hot Stones, please ask Anna if this is a suitable treatment for you. 

 "After the Hot Stones Treatment I felt like I could have floated away"  - CP

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