What is Reflexology and how does it work?

Reflexology can be a very powerful treatment for many, who return time and again to feel the benefits. It is not a foot massage although it is a very relaxing therapy in itself. It is a complimentary therapy working on the feet and focusing on the whole person as well as specific symptoms.

With the use of compression techniques applied by a trained and skillled reflexologist the reflexes are stimulated through the feet and hands, helping to balance & stimulate the body, enabling the body to reach a state of harmony. The practitioner can work on areas of the feet that we believe correlate to various parts of the body and where there is an imbalance.

By working on these areas there is a natural healing and release in the clients own body system enabling for a positive change. Reflexology assists in restoring the body's natural state of well being whilst at the same time being a wonderfully relaxing experience.


"I have tried many strategies and therapies to assist me in coping with my condition and have found regular reflexology sessions with Anna particularly beneficial in providing deep relaxation and restoring my 'inner rhythm'."  - SC

The effects of stress can substantially reduce efficiency and performance in physical tasks. It can have a negative effect on decision making and creativity. It creates tiredness and irritability, and weakens the immune system which can develop into physical illness.

How Reflexology can help - It induces deep relaxation and helps to relieve tension. It improves mood, aids sleep and gives a sense of well being. Reflexology improves circulation and revitalises energy, giving balance to the whole system. It may also act as a preventative health care and enhance the immune system.

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