Client Testimonials

 "Anna has been my reflexologist for 4 months now and has been an integral part of my life transformation. Anna's technique has created in me a fantastic sense of well being and peace. As a result my health has completely changed: I am more energised, take stressful situations and people in my stride, motivated into taking daily exercise and shaken off a 20 year syndrome called Candida... and I look forward to much more health delights! Anna really does take an holistic approach to her service and takes you through the process of what she is doing with passion. This is an individual who is dedicated to being of service to others." NG, Derbyshire

"I have been suffering from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome / ME for the past three years. CFS/ME is more than just feeling tired for much of the time, it is a serious and debilitating illness believed to be linked to immune system and adrenal system dysfunction, and a lack of blood flowing to the brain. I have tried many strategies and therapies to assist me in coping with my condition and have found regular Reflexology sessions with Anna particularly beneficial in providing deep relaxation and restoring my 'inner rhythm'. It is astonishing how much Anna can establish with regards to my present wellbeing from her treatments." SC, Daventry


"During my third pregnancy I was unfortunately diagnosed with gall stones. To try and ease some of the painful symptoms and stress caused by my gall bladder I had a course of reflexology treatments with Anna. It was such a relaxing experience and proved beneficial in keeping my attacks to a minimum. Anna was both friendly and professional, she explained to me the theory behind what she was doing and made me feel very much at ease. It was great to feel pampered and relaxed and I always slept incredibly well after my treatment." TJ, Long Buckby

"I received a course of reflexology treatments from Angel Feet and found it very therapeutic. The combination of soothing music and the gentle treatment eased my stress and relaxed me to the point of going to sleep. The treatment also eased my backache which I have a suffered from for many years and I am still reaping the benefits over a year after the treatment had finished." AM, Daventry

"I had heard about reflexology but when I spoke to Anna she explained everything to me so I was able with confidence to book some treatments with her. I now have regular treatments and have had treatments from Anna on my hands, feet and face of which I have had much benefit to my well being. I found Anna very caring and considerate and would not hesitate to highly reccomend her quality of service."   DB, Daventry